Advance Your Career with THE DORSEY METHOD

Put Yourself In Peak Performance
As You Make Your Next Bold Career Move

People are naturally inclined to fill time with what we enjoy and procrastinate on the other things. The problem with this is that you can easily lose sight of what matters most. When it comes to advancing careers I see executives spend too much time tightening their resume and not enough time in self-assessment and reflection. 

When you have a powerful coach, you build accountability into your process that helps you make meaningful, consistent, process in the direction of your goals. I help you to stop doing those things that might be fun, but are wasting your time, so that you can focus on what truly matters.  

Regardless of your specific career advancement objectives and goals, THE DORSEY METHOD works.

The process is simple…The commitment is enormous.

I will guide you through it.


This program is specifically designed for mid-career Executives (and other Leaders) who are looking for their next role. 

Whether you seek to drive current impact and influence, get promoted, or find your next job – this process works.

Figuring out who you are is where we start. It sounds easy, and it is a straightforward process, but it requires quality behavioral data, time for reflection, and the willingness to declare a vision that is meaningful to you. You’ll receive access to my proprietary behavioral assessment which hacks this process and get’s you solidly aware of how you reach your peak flow state and win at life. Through this, we will decode your genius, acknowledge your triggers, and bring awareness to your unproductive stress responses.   


In this step we get clear about your career messaging and how to articulate it. Experience shows that as you clarify your messaging and move it from simplistic to profound – you’ll look forward to sharing it. As we work together, you’ll gain confidence and comfort in advocating for yourself and building relationships inside/out of your current enterprise. Even if you’re an introvert…

Step 3: CLOSE
Finally, we go through a very specific process that helps you land the opportunities that you want. You’ll learn how to position yourself in a way that distinguishes you from other candidates. You’ll move yourself from VIP to MVP. 

Each step contains 3 modules and each of the 9 modules includes a 1-hour one-on-one coaching session with me.

Let’s begin…



Get to know yourself on the deepest levels, including your path to peak performance, triggers, and likely stress behaviors. 


Fine-tune your message to build credibility, develop and sustain relationships, and accelerate progress to your goals.


Become savvy at developing rapport, aligning yourself with a big futures, and nailing the opportunities you want. 

Are you up for this?

If you’re ready to explore coaching with me, take this step toward a bigger, brighter future.

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