Real-life scenarios from my experiences as a Fortune 500 Executive Coach, with hard hitting advice on what it takes to be successful challenges readers to take on a BIGGER GAME of success – at work and at home.

The VITAL Core is an idea packed insider guide to stimulate the behavior of executives and entrepreneurs to continue to set and achieve big goals. The simple yet powerful strategies shared here are among the same that I use in private coaching sessions with some of the world’s most successful leaders.

In response to client demand, I have distilled the central concepts and strategies of her executive programs and presents them in The VITAL Core.

Organized around the simple acronym VITAL, it explores the five core considerations of successful leaders:

  • Vision
  • Intention
  • Telling your story
  • Attitude
  • Leverage

Topics include:

  • Knowing what you want
  • Preparing to add value
  • Eliminating fear, doubt, and anxiety
  • Being irresistible
  • Respecting yourself
  • Honoring others
  • Maximizing your power
  • Asking for support

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