Let's Figure out The Next Step of your Career

I'm a Fortune 500 Executive Coach who helps Mid/late-career business Professionals decide their next move

reach Peak Performance

get promoted

land new opportunities

Even if you're the best fit for a position, you can lose to other candidates if they communicate more clearly and show up better prepared.

Don't let any of these challenges hold you back...

NOT confident

You’re not sure if your background is strong enough to compete for the roles you really want, so you spend your time in resume-building activities. 


The thought of reviving your old network or building a new one is gut wrenching – so you’re not making the connections that could accelerate your progress.


You’ve been losing opportunities because you’re not confident, connected, or well-prepared. But nobody is giving you the specific feedback you need to adjust.  


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I Get It...

Since 2000, I’ve worked with hundreds of  6-figure business leaders to advance their careers. They were at the mid/late stages of their career, where finding their next assignment can be a complex and tricky journey. They worried about:

  • whether to stay in their current role
  • how to figure out their next-best move
  • what to do if they’d let their network dry up
  • how to synthesize their years of experience into an understandable, succinct story
  • being able to fully monetize their experience, skills, knowledge, and abilities

Through our work together, my clients:

  1. CLARIFY what they want for themselves and get super specific around their distinctive skills and unique-abilities,
  2. CONNECT with other professionals who are willing/able to help them achieve their goals, and
  3. CLOSE the opportunities they most want, getting the offers they deserve.

Your next move can your best move, ever. 

THE DORSEY METHOD is the process.

I can show you how.

Signature Coaching Program


Executive + Career Coaching With Audrey Dorsey

This is a 3-Step, 6-Module coaching program. Each of the 6-Modules includes a 1-hour zoom coaching session with me.  

Let’s get you started! 

THE DORSEY METHOD is a simple process. And it works...


Let’s spend a quick 30-minutes together to see if this is a fit

achieve peak performance

Immediately begin to leverage insights of  each of the six 1:1 sessions

NAIL opportunities

Be confident, prepared, and profound

Real-life scenarios from my experiences as a Fortune 500 Executive Coach, with hard hitting advice on what it takes to be successful challenges readers to take on a BIGGER GAME of success – at work and at home.

The VITAL Core is an idea packed insider guide to stimulate the behavior of executives and entrepreneurs to continue to set and achieve big goals. The simple yet powerful strategies shared here are among the same that I use in private coaching sessions with some of the world’s most successful leaders.

In response to client demand, I have distilled the central concepts and strategies of her executive programs and presents them in The VITAL Core.

Organized around the simple acronym VITAL, it explores the five core considerations of successful leaders:

  • Vision
  • Intention
  • Telling your story
  • Attitude
  • Leverage

Topics include:

  • Knowing what you want
  • Preparing to add value
  • Eliminating fear, doubt, and anxiety
  • Being irresistible
  • Respecting yourself
  • Honoring others
  • Maximizing your power
  • Asking for support

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